As a character actor Heather has played a variety of roles on TV and the theatre, from Blue Kang in BBC Doctor Who (Paradise Towers (1987)) to many commercials, character parts like Miss Wilberforce in the 1950's Murder Mystery, "Search By Night" and more recently (2016) Feste in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night".

Trained at Guildhall School of Music & Drama, and Trinity College of Music.
During student days and early career Heather supplemented her living as a "walk-on/extra" gaining valuable experience in film, tv and commercials.

Heather is a founder member of the Crouch End Players who regularly devise, produce and perform an eclectic programme of theatre and musical productions in the heart of one of London's most diverse and creative communities.

She has played a variety of lead and supporting character and comic roles on TV, theatre and radio. For example:-
  • Blue Kang in BBC "Doctor Who" (Paradise Towers (1987)) to, more recently,
  • Lesley in "A History of Falling Things"  by James Graham
  • Mrs Reece in "The Farndale Avenue Womens Institute Drama Society's Production Of MacBeth"  
  • Miss Wilberforce in the 1950's Murder Mystery, "Search By Night" Dir Angharad Ellis Jones
  • White Queen in Adrian Mitchell's adaptation of "Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass" Dir Lindsey Pugh
  • Amiens in "As You Like It"  Dir. Kate Stafford. Composer Steven Edis
  • Feste in "Twelfth Night"  Dir Kate Stafford

Radio director/actor

Heather has directed  and appeared in a series of live Vintage Radio Plays for the Crouch End Festival annually for the past 6 years. 

The repertoire has included "Flash Gordon", "Rebecca" and "The 39 Steps", notably:-
  • "Rebecca" by Daphne du Maurier (played Mrs Danvers)
  • "39 Steps" by John Buchan
  • "Sherlock Holmes" adapted from A.Conan Doyle
  • "I Saw Myself Running" by Anthony Ellis
  • "The Adventures of Flash Gordon and Dale Arden"
  • "The Whole Town's Sleeping"
  • "The Lodger"
  • "The Thought"
  • "Jane Eyre"
  • "Sorry, wrong number"
  • "Brief Encounter"
  • "It's a Wonderful Life"
Heather is  interested in playing comedy and character roles for tv, theatre, film and radio drama,


Heather supplies voiceover for commercials, narration, training, gaming, broadcast and digital media, as well as ADR and idents. 

As a trained hypnotherapist, Heather also specialises in spoken word for guided meditation and hypnosis recording.