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* Heather is currently developing a series of Podcasts around the topic of voice. Contact for further details.

Hear extracts
Broadcasting was a natural progression for Heather, given her experience in acting, coaching and voiceover,  as well as her passion for music of all styles and love of communication.

Heather enjoys appearing on a variety of BBC radio programmes as a specialist/commentator, bringing her knowledge of vocal technique and treating performance anxiety to the medium.

Notably, during Comic Relief, Heather was asked to commentate on Celebrity Fame Academy for 6,  live, BBC regional radio shows one after another! 

Recently Heather worked on a fascinating show for BBC Radio 4  "Am I Tone Deaf?" as an expert vocal coach,

The show, presented by Sathnam Sanghera,  explored the, widely misunderstood, concept of "Tone Deafness" from a practical, scientific and emotional angle.

This is a topic very close to Heather's heart, for she specialises  in helping non-singers to conquer fear.

Heather's work on the topic of  nurturing "fearful adult beginners" has been the subject of several articles in the press, including a feature by Rosie Millard and Pip Clothier in The Times.

With full radio production training at LNR and several years producing and  presenting live  talk and music shows on community radio, Heather has considerable experience as a presenter and interviewer.

Heather loves the spontaneity of live broadcasting, she was shortlisted to host her own weekend show on BBC Radio 2 - which was encouraging!